Solar with Battery Backup

Residential Solar with Battery Backup

Store Power & Consume on Need

One of the most vital renewable energies produced from the sun , solar energy has emerged in homes for decades. This power source is clean and renewable. However, it is not available at the fullest as the source of energy is only during day time. Don’t you reckon to enjoy the natural resources 100% advantageous. Here comes the use of batteries that store the power and you can consume from the battery storage when required instead from the grid.

Make the Most of Your Power : With batteries your excess power is stored in the battery system. On cloudy days or days when your system doesn’t produce as much power as usual, you can pull from the batteries instead of the grid.

Greater Energy Security: Solar battery systems allow your home to be more resilient when it comes to energy.Particularly useful if you want to provide a greater level of certainty for your home’s power, battery systems can power key aspects of your home for hours, even if the grid goes down.

Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint: Installing solar batteries allows you to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and bring it closer to self-sufficiency. This is essential for anyone who wants to “go green” and reduce pollution. Today, solar energy systems create much less pollution than traditional fossil fuels, and can help a home consume fewer resources in the years to come.

No Noise Pollution: Unlike generators, solar panels and battery storage systems don’t create noise pollution that will bother your neighbors. This is a unique benefit, and is a great way for anyone who currently has a generator to update their system.

Reduced Electric Bills: One of the biggest benefits of energy storage systems is that they will help you save on your electricity costs. Back up your home with a battery system and you’ll avoid the fees associated with electricity retailers, create self-sufficiency, and save the electricity you generate. All these are huge bonuses!

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Trend in Australia

The presence of Solar Energy Batteries in Australian Homes is progressively increasing. Increased return on investment for your solar system with less grid dependency and minimal electricity bills will set the seal on your option of PV Solar Installation with Battery. Let's explore the Solar power deals together.

Residential Solar with Battery Available Packages

8.8 kW System

  • 20 x 440W Solar Panel
  • 5 kW Huawei Hybrid Inverter
  • Smart meter installation
  • 5 kWh Huawei Luna Battery

10.6 kW System

  • 24 x 440W Solar Panels
  • 5 kW Huawei Hybrid Inverter
  • Smart meter installation
  • 10 kWh Huawei Luna Battery

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